MQTT Broker

On the ewonsupport server, you have access to a MQTT Broker (Mosquitto) that allows you to practice the BASIC Scripting or Java Programming on eWON Flexy. Indeed, BASIC Scripting or Java programming allows you to develop your own custom MQTT Client to connect this broker and publish or subscribe to some messages. The broker only supports unencrypted connections on port 1883. Here you can find a BASIC script example.

Below you can find a little MQTT client that allows you to view the messages published by your Flexy or post some messages to your Flexy :

Type the topic to monitor (max 60 sec):
Let the topic field empty if you want to monitor all topics. To clear the logs, simply refresh the page.

Here you can publish a message to the MQTT Broker on a specific topic :
Type the topic to publish on:
Type the message to publish:
Status : None